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Some Popular Hip Hop Dance Styles

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Is hip hop something that excites you?

There are various Bollywood hip hop dance classes in Miami, FL, but which is right for

you is hard to decide. Hip hop also has different forms and styles, and each style has a

different training method.

If you are at the beginning of your dance training or want your children to learn the art form,

you should first know all the basic hip hop styles.

Hip hop dancers were allowed to interpret the dance in whatever manner they wanted, which resulted in various new and intriguing dance forms.

Hip hop female dancer, pink hat, point, dance move, blonde girl.
Hip hop dance classes in Doral, Miami

Here is the list of some of the most known hip hop styles:


B-boying, considered one of the unique Hip Hop genres, is distinguished by acrobatic Vigour

Motions, upright movements, and footwork. Dancers frequently use a maneuver known as

the Freeze to break up their routines. In beginner Bollywood dance classes in Miami FL,

you can start with simple steps.

Locking and Popping

While technically two procedures, locking and popping typically go hand in hand. Locking

requires fast motions, brief pauses, and intricate gestures. On the other hand, Popping is a

lifestyle that requires a strong counter-tempo.


Funk, a fusion of Disco and Soul, employs flowing and sharp motions and is typically highly

choreographed. This dancing technique typically incorporates locking and popping. If you

are looking for bollywood hip hop dance classes in Miami FL, you should learn funk.

Liquid Dance

As the name suggests, Liquid Dance is fluid and delicate dance with a focus on the arms

and palms. It may involve some pantomime, and outstanding dancers may employ a variety

of body motions.


Boogaloo is another fluid-like form taught by Hip Hop dance studios around me. It involves

the entire body flowing smoothly like butter, generally with the hips, head, and knees rolling.


Suppose we were to choose a Hip Hop style that evokes sensuality. In that case, we'd gowith Reggae because of its Latin origins combined with more modern Hip Hop motions set to the contemporary progression of Reggae music.


Lyrical Hip Hop is distinct in that it tells a story and is danced to the lyrics of the music rather

than the rhythm. It is frequently more fluid and interpretative than other Hip Hop genres.

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